Friday, April 10, 2015

The Suit
Swen Nater

Seeing the newspaper ad for a $50 tailored suit, a man paid the store a visit, was measured, paid, and told the suit would be ready the following Monday.

On Monday, the tailor had him put the suit on and stand in front of the mirror. The man noticed, while the right sleeve was the correct length, the left one was four inches too long, almost covering his entire hand.

He told the tailor and the tailor said, "Just gather the material at the top of your shoulder and hold it down with your chin. Now it's the right length. What do you want? It's a $50 suit."

The man was OK with this but then noticed his right pant leg covered his entire shoe while the left one was just the right length. When he told the tailor, the tailor said, "Just pull on the trouser at the waist, gather it up, and secure it with your right hand. Now the length is perfect. What do you want? It's a $50 suit?"

So the man left the store and, while he was awkwardly walking down the sidewalk, his neck holding the left sleeve up and his hand holding the right pant leg up, two elderly women watched him from the opposite side of the street. One said to the other, "Martha, look at that poor deformed man!" Martha replied, "Yes, but doesn't the suit fit nicely?"