Saturday, August 30, 2014

Second-Hand Shoes Poem

Second-Hand Shoes
Swen Nater

I bought a pair of brown walking shoes,
At the second hand store today. 
I rushed them home, sat down in my easy chair,
And anxiously put them on, 
With closed eyes and head back thinking away,
Searching for answers and clues.
To what man did they belong?
What does he look like and what else does he wear?
Is his name Ralph or Mike or Don? 
Is he a happy man? Did he take the shoes to happy places?
Or were they present during a sad song,
That dropped him to the floor? 
Why are they scuffed a bit, in places?
Did he not need them anymore?
Did he get a brand new pair with better form?

Does he miss them at all for they feel so comfortable and warm?

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