Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big Things, Little Things



“Daddy, come and play with me.”

He begged with outstretched hand.

He was so small—below my knee.

He didn’t understand.


I had far bigger things to do

Like further my career.

Instead of him, I chose to view

The corporate frontier.


“Later, son, I’ll be there soon,”

I hoped that would appease.

I had a meeting right at noon,

But I heard, “Daddy, please!”


“The babysitter’s waiting, son,”

I said, with plastic smile.

“She’ll read you books and let you run.”

“Dad, just a little while?” 


I tied my shoes and tied my tie,

And draped my suit coat on.

While, from the floor, he caught my eye:

My one and only son.


“The Army guys in red are bad,

And the good guys are in blue.

I’ll let you be the good guys, Dad.

I’ll let you beat me too.”


“Rrrunga rrrunga rrrunga rrrung,

The bad guys tanks did blare,

And toward the good guys troops they sprung,

Who had no leader there.


Five or ten were counted dead;

The siege was under way,

Until the good guys’ general said,

“I’d better sit and play.”


The battle waged and fierce it was;

Both sides were holding fast.

There was no stop; there was no pause,

Just guns and tanks and blast.

I saw my watch and I was late,

“Son, cease this army brawl.”

I jumped up, and said, “Son, please wait!

I’ve got to make one call.”


I dialed the phone; he looked so sad.

I said, “It’s Larry Burr.

You know that twelve o’clock I had?

Well, I can’t make it sir.


“Yes, sir, I understand the cost.

Yes, sir, I’ll be surpassed.

But I’ll be poor if I have lost

A son who’s growing fast.


“I’ll see you in the morning, sir.

When day defeats the night.

But now, will you excuse me, sir?

I’ve got a war to fight.”

                        Swen Nater

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