Friday, January 16, 2015

How to Remember Names

How to Remember a
Person’s Name


When you see a friend, the name pops into your head immediately.
That is because you have created a direct association between that person’s
face and the name. Association is made possible through repetition. Here is a
four-step plan.


  1. Association

Find a facial feature and make a bizarre

Example: Name is Doug. Feature is
big ears. Picture him digging a hole with his ear instead of a shovel. He Doug
a hole.


  1. Repeat
    the Name

When introduced, ask the person to
say the name again. Then, during conversation, use the name as much as possible
without overdoing it.

Example: You name is Doug, correct?
Nice to meet you Doug……..I was thinking, Doug, …… etc. When you say the name
while looking at the face, the association begins to strengthen.  


  1. Write
    the Name Down

John Wooden said, “If you want to
remember something, write it down.” After the meeting, write the name down and
say the name as you write it. Again, the association will strengthen.


  1. Recall
    the Name Later

During the rest of the day, recall
the person’s name a few times and then once the next morning.  

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