Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Magical Door at My School

The Magical Door at My School

Swen Nater



Let nobody hear this, but here’s something cool.

There’s a magical door, right here at my school.

Every time I walk in, I can’t possibly leave,

For I’ve witnessed some things that you would not believe.  


I entered last Monday; ‘twas right around three,

And a tall dinosaur began charging at me.

Every stomp of each step made a thunderous sound.

So I shook and I shivered and so did the ground.


But on Tuesday I walked through that magical door,

And I heard a bat crack and a deafening roar.

The slide and the throw toward the homeward route;

Through the dust I could hear the ump screaming, “You’re out!”

Revisiting Wednesday, I flew through the air,

In a rocket ship powered by flame-flying flare.

I then visited Venus and sailed past the sun,

And I galloped through galaxies. Man that was fun.


And on Thursday, I walked through that magical door,

And an earthquake was shaking—more and then more.

So I tilted and toppled and staggered and stumbled,

And the whole place just rattled and rippled and rumbled.  


Returning on Friday, I searched undersea,

I flew with the falcon and buzzed with the bee.

I went down the Grand Canyon while riding a mule,

Through that magical door that’s right here at my school.


You want to go too? Well then here is a game.

This magical door has a sign with its name.

And the letters that make up the name of the door,

You will find in this poem if you dare to explore.


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